Turn the dream into a good house
and stay within budget.

At The Good House this is exactly what we are committed to help you achieve.

Building a new home has long been described as "The Great Australian Dream". Most European countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea have a climate very similar to Australia. Therefore it makes a lot of sense to draw our inspiration from there, not just for the so-called French Provincial or Tuscan styles, but to simply make your dream happen, and get a good house on its way.

And during the last 4 decades Europe has been tackling efficiency and environmental issues that we just recently started discovering here in Australia.

Isle de France

What is it
that sets The Good House apart ?

Bernard Robin, founder of The Good House, has been involved in the building industry since 1973.

He "honed" his experience with stone works in Burgundy, also home to the best French oak floors on the market, as well as traditional terracotta shingles.

Bernard was born in South West of France, where the majority of residential buildings are covered with Roman tiles, thus there isn't a thing he doesn't know about this product, that the locals call "tige de botte" (bootleg...) !

And the story could go on like this about Anduze pots, casement windows and shutters, cremone bolts and espagnolettes, etc ...

This intrinsic knowledge of French building materials and products is also backed up by Bernard's structural engineering background. Therefore it is not just about the look, but also safe and sensible choices, and the long lasting quality of your project.

...And makes the real difference ?

By far the main part of our offer is something money can't buy. You may have traveled Europe already, staying in beautiful places and wondering why they were so inviting, so full of spirit and warmth, and why back here it seems so difficult to recreate that feeling.

Not that we have a secret recipe for it, but chances are, as we will get to know you better during our collaboration, we will help you bring some true soul into a place you will feel compelled to call home. In other words, this service is all about helping you get:

!!! . . A GOOD HOUSE . . !!!

Traditional French Provence home design

Our Fee Schedule.

During an early and informal 20 minutes contact, we evaluate your design needs and the extend of the service you request from us.

A first consultation of 2 to 3 hours will cost you $500.

We will show you ways of making good value out of your project, and inform you on traditional or recent building technics commonly used in Europe but still not widely known here. Your house will be more comfortable, less expensive to run, last longer and re-sell better.

Whether you will later on get some supplies from The Good House doesn't reflect on our fees at this stage.

Once you have incorporated into your project the substantial amount of information we provide during this first meeting, you may want to use our service again for more specific matters.

From then on, our fees will be deductible from any supply you purchase from us, on a percentage basis.

French provincial home design

When do we need to talk ?

You need to speak to us at the very beginning of your reflection, and we will guide you through the brain storming experience of shaping your project.

Your architect, your interior decorator and your builder will turn your ideas into plans then reality, but keeping within budget is best achieved when deciding for the main features of your new home.

Later savings are only the result of cutting corners, a very frustrating feeling indeed.