The New Generation of High Strength, Glazed Ceramic Tiles has just arrived in Australia... !!!

At The Good House we are extremely proud of introducing the new generation of high strength ceramic roof tiles to Australian customers.

BERMUDA Slate Tile

With a 600 kilos breaking force per tile, the BERMUDA tile is a virtually unbreakable roofing product !!!
No need to say it is hail proof ... !
Gone are the brittle, warped and twisted clay tiles of the past! Laying these precision made tiles is a breeze, installers won't fear walking on them, and at 9,2 per m2 they are very quick to lay.
At 41 kilos per m2 they can be installed on any standard roof frame with a 20 degree roof pitch. They come in a range of glazed colours to match your project, the Slate Grey colour is available off the shelf.


With a 9mm thickness, the MONTEGO flat clay tile pushes the boundaries further down to light weight never achieved before.
At half the price of Spanish slates, it offers better waterproofing thanks to interlocking lips and a totally slick, glazed face, at a lower minimum pitch, and faster installation time. The glazing also comes with a lifetime guarantee.