Sawn River Pebble Floors

Nature never ceases to amaze us, and so does technology. The latter just brought to us another of Nature's little secrets: the beautiful diversity of outdoor stone floors made of French river pebbles. A new production technique allows for pebbles to be sliced down to 20mm, making them easy to install and providing an even surface that is perfectly suited to outdoor floors, be they entertaining areas around swimming pools, high traffic alleyways of busy shopping precincts, large public open spaces, or simply your home driveway.
The Good House is the exclusive importer of this innovative floor covering, and we welcome private and trade inquiries alike. Sample panels can be seen in our showroom in all available colours. Installation is not much different from laying other types of tiles of similar size, and our service includes technical support with direct contact with manufacturer if needed. Other good news include nearly maintenance free, and very good value for money.

Our 4 Color Options: EARTH, GOLD, BASALT and MEDLEY.

  • stone pebble paving floor earth colors

    The Earth color is a blend of pebbles from the Loire and Allier rivers that run through the ancient "Massif Central"

    Sawn Pebbles from the Loire and Allier French Rivers
  • stone pebble paving floor gold colors

    This light and goldish hues are perfect for indoor floors as well, such as a bathroom or a beachhouse kitchen

    Sawn Pebbles, Gold color known in French as "Aigues Vives"
  • stone pebble paving floor blue colors

    Basalt is better known in Australia under the popular name of Blue Stone! One can see why!

    Sawn Pebbles, basalt blue colours
  • stone pebble paving floor blended colors

    A medley of all colours is at its best on large areas such as the square in front of the Montpellier Town Hall

    Blended Pebble Floor, Montpellier Town Hall, France

This amazing product is taking South of France by storm! See some projects for yourself !

  • Front courtyard of the Hotel Marriott in Montpellier
    Contrast of sleek glass against ragged river pebbles, in front of the Marriott
  • stone pebble pool surround 1
    Sawn Pebbles, a good match with limestone pool coping
  • stone pebble pool surround 2
    Sawn Pebbles as a non slippery surround for a swimming pool
  • Village town hall square, South of France
    "Place de la Mairie", Town Hall Square, in a small village, South of France

MONTPELLIER Town Hall by renown architect JEAN NOUVEL

The imposing 6000 square meter plazza at the back of the town hall of Montpellier, South of France, is entirely paved with sawn pebbles directly sourced from the nearby Cévennes ranges, the ancient mountains bordering Provence to the North. Architects Jean Nouvel and François Fontès also wanted the plazza paving to recall the ragged boulders of the banks of the river Lez, upon which the town hall is built.
Also note the details of the tram line crossing the plazza, and the interesting use of the sawn pebbles as a lift floor.

  • Montpellier Town Hall Entrance
    The Montpellier Town Hall,the plazza Entrance
  • pebbles, more pebbles
    Pebbles, more pebbles, and impaired floor safety marking
  • Montpellier town hall rear plazza
    A 6000 square meter expense of sawn pebbles, at the rear of the Montpellier town hall
  • Montpellier town hall, South of France
    "Once upon the river . . .", The Grand Town Hall, Montpellier, South of France
  • Montpellier town hall rear plazza2
    A 6000 square meter expense of sawn pebbles, at the rear of the Montpellier town hall, a bicycle friendly area !
  • Montpellier town hall rear plazza3
    Sawn Pebble Paving is perfectly suited to large commercial areas
  • Montpellier town hall tram stop2
    At the cutting edge of contemporary design: the Montpellier tramway stopping at the sawn pebble floored Town Hall plazza
  • Montpellier town hall tram stop1
    The combination of sawn pebbles and concrete can provide a non slippery surface for outdoor areas
  • Montpellier town hall lift
    "Beneath your feet, the beach..." a split dreamy moment inside the lifts of the Montpellier town hall