Europe's quality at the best prices

When it comes to VALUE-FOR-MONEY, you can't be wrong with European windows. It's all about the numbers: Our suppliers manufacture over 4000 items per day, In 29 production sites ISO 9001 certified.
At The Good House we offer a complete range of double glazed windows and French doors imported from France, that will cover all your needs. Stick to standard sizes if you are budget conscious, or let your imagination run free with custom made items.

Simply check which product suits you best, and send us a window schedule. We can usually get back to you with a price estimate within 3 working days.

Double Glazing has been used extensively in Europe for the last 50 years, as a major actor of the legendary comfort of European homes. TGH is proud to bring to you all the accessories (e.g. inserted crossbars) and fonctionalities (Tilt & Turn) you've been hoping for!
Our windows and doors can also come with built in automated roller shutters for increased insulation at night or on very hot days, and increased safety, with the convenience of remote control.


  • 30% to 40% of heat loss in your home happens through the windows.
  • Double Galzing is 4 to 5 times more efficient than single glazing, thus you will save 20% on your energy bill !!!
  • Utilities costs rose by 14% in Australia since 2012 !!!
  • Single glazed windows are now more expensive than double glazed windows in Europe, as they now are custom made only !!!
  • Most European countries, especially around the Mediterranean sea, have been using casement windows opening inwards since the Middle Age.
  • In 2015 the company manufacturing our double glazing is celebrating their 350th Anniversary !!!
Indeed when it comes to life style, Europe is the way to go, especially the Mediterranean part of it, because it has a climate very similar to Australia,
and many amongst us have such an ethnic background, Italy or Greece just to name the main ones.
Here is a non exhaustive list of the obvious and not so obvious ADVANTAGES of windows opening inwards.
  • They open in full, to the full extend of the opening in the wall, like no other type can. No nasty mullion or sash in the middle of your vistas, you can lean out to enjoy the view over your beautiful garden or front yard.
  • With new regulations recently put in place in regards to childrens safety for windows with more than 4m drop down, a wrought iron or look alike rail-guard will still allow you to open your windows in full, and rest on the rail enjoying the sunshine!
    See our accessories section for safety rails.
  • As the above photo shows, external shutters are a great way to complement the European look of your home, while also providing an extra level of safety and insulation.
    External shutters also are a very efficient way to keep a room cooler without using air conditioning, thus still having fresh air coming in through the open window.
    And YES, this is possible only with windows opening inside !!!
  • Ever struggle to keep your double hung windows clean outside? Windows opening inside are so easy to clean! And even more so with cross bars integrated within the double glazing! See our glazing page for more details.
  • Once locked, casement windows opening inside are extremely airtight, watertight, and soundproof, to a level that no other type can offer. For example a sliding window needs a bit of functional play to operate easily, or else it is just too hard to move or it simply gets stuck in its guides.
    (That's the reason why they tend to rattle with the slightest wind).
    In that regard, our European windows ensure you get the most out of your investment in double glazing, with higher R rating and very good soundproofing.
  • Another great advantage that your builder or installer will certainly appreciate is that European windows are fitted with lift off hinges. Therefore you can remove the opening frames instantly to make installation a lot easier especially for large windows(and Good knows how heavy double-glazed frames are !). It also make it much easier to protect the frames when painting or rendering the walls, by simply removing them and only having to protect the jambs.
  • Casement windows opening inside have their hinges fitted on the inside as well, thus they don't have to withstand the weather so much, and as a result can be made in quite a few different metals and several finishes. There is a wide range of decorative sleeves with different style finials available, to match your windows and internal doors handles and finishes !
  • Our Euro windows are nearly maintenance free, especially if you go for our PVC or Aluminium ranges. Unlike sash windows, they wont get jammed, they wont get stuck with paint or moisture, the counter weight system wont fail, because there is none !
    They also are very easy to live with. If you want to open it, you just turn the handle and pull the panes open, that's it !
    No slow winding chain, no tricky mechanism that is a potential finger hazard, no casement stay that is just as much user unfriendly !