• Solid wide board strip floor1
    Solid Euro Oak wide board strip floor 1
  • Solid wide board strip floor2
    Solid Euro Oak wide board strip floor 2
  • Solid wide board strip floor3
    Solid Euro Oak wide board strip floor 3
  • Solid wide board strip floor4
    Solid Euro Oak wide board strip floor 4
  • Solid wide board strip floor5
    Solid Euro Oak wide board strip floor 5

The Timeless Beauty of Plain Strip Flooring

Choosing plain floor boards, standard or wide, for your flooring needs is the simple way to achieve a beautiful, long lasting floor that will only improve over the years. And if you really want to fast forward into the work of time, we can custom make for you heavy distressing processes that only solid boards can take.

Going for solid floor boards is a decision that takes into account 4 essential criteria: price, preferred finish, type of sub-floor, required thickness. Compared to engineered boards, solid French or Euro oak will be more durable (quite often it can be salvaged after a water damage) and it gives you access to antiquated finishes not available on engineered planks.

We can supply a range of factory finishes including smoking, wire-brushing and distressing. You can combine such finishes with the appropriate grades:

  • Select (A - B)
  • Standard (B - C)
  • Rustique (C - D)

While secret nailing solid floor boards on timber joists is the traditional old fashion way, direct stick is now widely used and more suited to contemporary building styles. We recommend plywood sheeting to be nailed to the concrete slab prior to solid wide boards installation.

In many cases, be it a new project or a renovation, your timber floor will have to match the finished level of another floor, such as a tiled floor or carpet. this may require the boards to be of a specific thickness. Solid boards nailed on a plywood underlay may help reach the necessary height needed to match a thick stone floor. Our solid boards come in 15, 18 and 20mm thickness, and up to 24mm for stair treads.