• Solid Chevron Euro oak floor
    Euro Oak floor in the Chevron pattern, a touch a class, all Tongue & Groove.
  • Solid Euro oak timber
    Solid Oak floor in the Chevron pattern, from The Good House.
  • Solid Chevron Euro oak timber
    Solid Euro Oak in the Chevron pattern, all Tongue & Groove.
  • Solid Chevron French oak floor
    French Oak floor in the Chevron pattern, a touch a class, all Tongue & Groove.
  • Chevron parquet, with oil factory finish
    French Oak Chevron parquet, with oil factory finish.
  • Solid Chevron 34 degree cut
    French Oak Chevron Parquet Floor, cut at 34 degrees.
  • Chevron Parquet
    French Oak Chevron Parquet, cut at 34 degrees, detail.
  • Chevron pattern, smoked
    The Chevron parquetry pattern, in the weathered smoked finish.
  • Chevron 45 degree tongue and groove
    Traditional Chevron Parquet, tongue and groove, natural finish.
  • Fougere pattern with stone borders
    Fougere pattern with stone borders.
  • Fougere with lime wash finish
    Fougere pattern, similar to chevron, with lime wash finish.
  • Chevron weathered dark oak
    Chevron floor in weathered dark oak finish.
  • Chevron smooth dark brown oak
    Chevron floor in dark brown smooth finish.
  • Chevron dark brown oak
    Chevron floor, dark brown stain, oiled.
  • Chevron square edge Euro oak
    Chevron square edge Euro oak.
  • Solid Herringbone Leached Grey Finish
    Euro Oak Herringbone Parquet, Tongue & Groove, leached grey finish.
  • Solid Herringbone Natural Finish
    French Oak Herringbone Parquet floor, Tongue & Groove, Natural finish.
  • Solid Herringbone leached grey finish
    French Oak Herringbone floor, Tongue & Groove, Leached Grey finish.
  • Solid Herringbone brushed finish
    French Oak Herringbone Parquet floor, Tongue & Groove, wire brushed finish.
  • Solid Herringbone Blocks
    French Oak Herringbone Parquet blocks, clear natural finish.
  • Engineered Herringbone, grey shades
    Engineered herringbone blades in grey shades.
  • Herringbone traditional 22x70x560
    Herringbone traditional 22x70x560 in natural finish.
  • Traditional herringbone tongue and groove
    French Oak traditional herringbone parquet in natural finish
  • Herringbone parquetry pattern, in rustic grade French oak
    Herringbone parquetry pattern, in rustic grade French oak, wide planks.
  • Plain herringbone in clear finish
    Plain herringbone in clear finish.
  • Solid French oak Versailles panels
    Versailles panels, the floor of choice for a French provincial genuine design.
  • Versailles panels laid with shuttle blocks (navette)
    Versailles panels laid with shuttle blocks (navette).
  • Solid French oak Versailles full size panel
    Solid French oak Versailles, in full size panel.
  • Versailles panel in French leached grey finish
    Versailles panel in driftwood grey finish.
  • Petit Versailles pattern
    Petit Versailles, a simple yet striking parquet pattern.
  • Genuine Old Versailles Panel
    What a genuine old Versailles panel looks like...
  • Chantilly Panel
    Chantilly panel, awaiting final oil coating.
  • Chantilly Panel
    Chantilly panel, after another famous French castle.
  • Marie-Antoinette squares
    Marie-Antoinette squares, a very simple and economical pattern.
  • D'Aremberg Panel
    D'Aremberg panel, antiquated. The lighter shades are from the evening sun gentle strikes ...


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Just to keep it simple, let's say parquet is a floor crafted in accordance with the art of parquetry. Equally, a parquetry is a workshop ot factory that makes parquet floors.


There is such a variety of timber floors to choose from, that it can be quite a daunting task. It becomes even more confusing when confronted with the choice of European Oak or French Oak.
When choosing certified French oak, you can be sure you are getting a supply from sustainably managed forests. While Euro oak sourced from Austria, Belgium or Germany is harvested in pretty much the same way, some other countries pratice clear felling. Apart from the environmental issues, the result is a lack of colour consistency in the supply. Younger trees also tend to shrink more in the drying process, as well as warp or cup, and sapwood is more frequent.
If you want wide solid floor boards, French oak is the only sensible choice, especially if sourced from Burgundy or the "Troncay" national forest.


Solid timber is the traditional choice for parquet floors, as it provides elaborate finishes (brushed, smoked, weathered, etc..) and is more competitively priced in narrow width.
With new trends heading towards wider boards, we can now supply engineered parquetry for width greater than 125 mm, and specific situations where thinness is an issue, such as laying on a heated slab, or apartments where an acoustic underlay is also required.


From simply laying blades in squares, to the most intricate panels, parquet designs are infinite.
The most commonly installed patterns include:

90x630 - 125x750 90x600 90x600 390x390 base module


often named after famous castles and palaces of Old Europe, panels are the most stylish statement for your home. The most famous panel is called Versailles, after the Palace of Versailles built by French King Louis the 14th ("The Sun King Louis XIV". The banner on top of this page shows the "Gallerie des Glaces" (Hall of Mirrors), the most famous gallery in the Versailles palace, that gets 3 million visitors each year.
Other popular patterns include:

Grand Versailles
Petit Versailles
Chantilly Marie Antoinette
866 / 1000
845 / 975 450 / 540
960 / 980


Through selected installers, we can offer you the following finishes:

  • From white to black, water based or oil based stain
  • Water based non-toxic finishes (soap)
  • Traditional natural oil and wax finishes
  • Wire brushing, fine sanding, bleaching, fumed or smoked effect
Petit Versailles
Petit Versailles
Grand Versailles
Grand Versailles
Basket weave
Basket Weave
Marie Antoinette
Marie Antoinette