Traditional Dormer Windows

At The Good House, we’ve been aware since long that architects, developers and builders struggle to find traditional roof windows (also known as dormer windows)suitable for French provincial projects, without bringing the price ‘through the roof’ so to speak!
This may well be history, as we now manufacture this product in Melbourne. But the biggest saving is with installation costs, as it is a light weight, self supporting window made of composite material that is rigid, easy to glue or to screw, and needs no extra finish.
Unless zinc made roof windows, there is no need for an elaborate wood frame to support the thin skin of zinc, as the resin is sturdy enough to hold by itself. The external coating is UV resistant and can be painted if the original colour doesn’t fit with the colour of the slates or terracotta shingles used on the roof.
Weighing 10 kilos only, it can be installed anywhere on the roof without reinforcing the roof structure, or traditionally at the vertical of the walls.

The overall size is 880mm wide by 1030 high, and the opening is 370mm by 500mm.

If needed,TGH can also supply a double glazed casement or tilting window to fit the opening.